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Jimmy Dull – Is It Time For A “Sunday League” On A Sunday?

Women’s Football is growing massively in Scotland, we all know this. It is wonderful to see more girls and ladies play organised football than ever before. Exposure is at its highest and very recently the SWPL announced a wonderful new sponsorship partnership that will bring additional funding into the game.

Scottish Building Society Named As New SWPL Sponsor

The SWPL announced a historic sponsorship deal for the SWPL 1 and SWPL 2 as Scottish Building Society agreed to sponsor the league over the next three years. The deal, which is worth six-figures, is the first title sponsor for Scotland's top two senior leagues. Not only will the investment allow

Help With Tartan Kicks’ 2016 Review?

Featured Image: Lorraine Clark With the 2016 Scottish Women's Football Season over, work is about to begin on Tartan Kicks' review of the 2016 season. I want to cover as many stories as possible from Scotland qualifying for the Euros, the SWPL 1 and SWPL 2, the League Cups, the Scottish Cup,