Issue 10




Welcome to Issue 10 of Tartan Kicks.

There are some big interviews in the issue. We talk to:


  • First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
  • Hamilton Academical’s Gary Doctor
  • Scotland’s Lana Clelland
  • Motherwell’s Mark Kirk
  • Jeanfield Swifts’ Danni McGinley


We also look at the recent agreement between Edinburgh University and the SWPL 2 club Hutchison Vale to form EUHV.


Our big feature looks at Anna Signeul’s time with Scotland, and we look at the players contending to be part of Scotland’s Euro 2017 squad.


You can purchase the magazine for £1. Buying the magazine means I can spend more time developing Tartan Kicks, and less reliant upon freelance jobs. I really want Tartan Kicks to become a bigger media operation this year, including plans for some sort of highlight show for the SWPL.


Thank you for your support,

Tim Oliver


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