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Glasgow City v Hibernian Postponed – Reaction From Hibernian

The SWPL 1 fixture between Glasgow City and Hibernian, due to be played on the 6th September, has been postponed.

This has happened after an appeal from Hibernian and will be re-scheduled on a date determined by the Perform and Win Committee.

New Set Of Fixtures Released In July

A statement from the SWF stated that “the reason for this postponement is that Hibernian was not properly notified of the fixture due to an administrative error on the part of the Scottish FA when the revised second half of the season fixtures were reissued.”

At the beginning of the season, Glasgow City was due to play Hibernian on the 27th August – but postponed to the 6th, due to Hibs’ Champions League games. However, a new set of fixtures were sent out in July, due to Scotland’s Under-19s qualifying for the UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship.

“Administrative Error On The Part Of The Scottish FA”

This saw Hibernian due to play Celtic on the 6th of September, a game they were planning to play at Easter Road.

However, this game was changed, with Glasgow City once again due to host Hibernian on the 6th.

The SWF statement states, “the Appeals Committee observes that, as a result of an administrative error on the part of the Scottish FA, this is the fairest outcome to all clubs affected by this difficult sequence of events.”

A Genuine Mistake

Hibernian’s Head Coach Chris Roberts spoke to Tartan Kicks, talking about the appeal. He stated he felt that when the new fixtures came out in July, the original set of fixtures had become “obsolete”.

He added, “It’s all been a bit confusing and stressful, but we’re not sure how a fixture can be changed. The revised fixtures came out, and I’m sure they weren’t ideal for many people. But we came to them, we put things in place for our home game against Celtic, and then to find out that the game had been changed – we were really disappointed with that because we planned and prepared for that game.”

He appreciated that the fixture change had been a genuine mistake, and added, “We will have to look at when these fixtures will be played later in the year, and we’re just glad that, in our opinion, the right decision has been made.”

Possibly, the most disappointing aspect for Hibernian is that it is possible they won’t play at Easter Road this season. Roberts felt that it would be difficult due to the success of the men’s team this season, and the need to maintain the playing surface of Easter Road. He said, “we were very fortunate to be given the opportunity to be able to play there so we’re hoping we can get that opportunity late in the year.”

Once Glasgow City release a statement on the appeal, this will be published here. 

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    Me again!

    This article just proves that the running of women’s football in Scotland is just down right poor!

    Who actually runs women’s football in Scotland? Is it the SWF or is it the SFA?

    Your article would appear to blame the ‘Scottish FA’ for the mistake yet the matches are in the SWPL. Does that not mean that it is a responsibility of SWF??

    Confusing, but that’s nothing new!

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