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Message From Editor 

You may have noticed that I have not been active for the past month that I have not been active. 

Since the winter, there have been a few medical issues: a gallstone problem which is still causing the occasional issue; a knee injury which I’m still waiting for physio to treat, and there is a possibility of an operation.

But I have also been dealing with stress and depression. I’m not going to go into the exact details here because it involves private issues – but it is something I have suffered from on and off for over ten years.

I think a lot of it was the amount of work I was putting into Tartan Kicks, the equivalent of a full-time job for something that was not bringing in anywhere near a full time wage – so having to do additional freelance jobs on top of that, and getting to a state of exhaustion.

That led to a feeling of stress and then feeling I was letting people down and then depression – and it becomes a downward spiral.

I’m going to try and restart to see if I can get the balance right between everything, because I love reporting on the game.

I’ve managed to get through a period of work that indicates I’m in a better place.

There is an issue of Tartan Kicks which due to the depression issues never got completed, and I’m really sorry to everyone for that. I’ll try and get the content up online soon.

And obviously we have the big Euros coming up, for which I will be covering in some form or another.

I feel awful for missing some massive stories and events, but you sometimes have to take that short break.

I hope you can all understand.


One thought on “Message From Editor 

  1. Hi Tim, really sorry to hear about your problems. I’m glad things are a bit better now.

    It’s always great to read your articles and reports, but of course your health has to come first.

    Hope you enjoy the Euros!

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