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Referees in the SWPL

There have been issues raised in recent days over the levels of refereeing in the SWPL, particularly in regards to the lack of assistants at the Stirling University v Spartans match.

Tartan Kicks believes that the SWPL have made contact with the SFA and there will be a meeting this Monday to work on a solution.

Clearly this is something that needs to be solved soon, but it is positive to see the SWPL looking to find the solution.


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  1. This has been an ongoing issue….. There was one Glasgow City home game last season where the referee was operating without linesmen and it resulted in a number of incorrect decisions during the match due to the officials inability to get close enough to the action. From memory I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it effected the outcome of the match. However it is not conducive to a professional football match and in my opinion totally disrespectful to the players on the pitch.

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