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Glasgow City 2-0 Hibernian (Second Half) – Live-Text – SWPL 1

Glasgow City 2-0 Hibernian

  • First versus Second in SWPL1
  • City is five points ahead of Hibernian, but have played one game more.
  • Hibs own goal puts City in front, Crilly doubles their lead
  • HALF-TIME: City 1-0 Hibs

FULL-TIME Glasgow City 2-0 Hibernian

City are deserved winners.


90+4 mins

Clare Shine steals the ball off Lisa Robertson and then shoots over.


The player of the match has to be Fiona Brown.

90 mins – Glasgow City Sub

Sub - CITY

Brogan Hay replaces Fiona Brown

89 mins – Hibs Sub

Sub - HIBS

Abbi Grant replaces Rachel McLauchlan

88 mins

Hibs have a free-kick on the right, Robertson’s delivery is good, but Fleeting clears. City launch a counter and Brown plays a superb ball towards Shine, but Joelle Murray recovers for Hibs

86 mins – Glasgow City Sub

Sub - CITY

Clare Shine replaces Erin Cuthbert

85 mins

A long ball from Robertson picks out Harrison on the left-wing, but she is shepherded out of play by Leanne Ross.

84 mins

Kirsty Smith puts in a dangerous cross, but Gemma Fays claims.

80 mins

A brilliant deep cross from Harrison looks for Ewens, but Fay puches clear. City’s Sarah Crilly is down injured, but seems able to carry on.

77 mins

Fiona Brown doesn’t give up, does she? She chases down Brownlie, blocks her clearance, but unfortunately for her, her shot is saved by Fife.

75 mins – Hibernian Sub

Sub - HIBS

Bit of confusion with Smith and Harrison getting touchline instructions, but Siobhan Hunter replaces Heather Richards. Hibs go three at the back.

74 mins

Cuthbert plays Fleeting through on goal, this must be 3-0 – nope, she’s offside.

71 mins

City has another corner. Ross will take it, and it causes Fife trouble but Hibs clears. From 40 yards, Cuthbert beats her marker and then launches a shot thats finding the top corner, only to be stopped by Fife’s diving save. The next corner comes to nothing

67 mins – GOAL GLASGOW CITY 2-0 Hibernian (Sarah Crilly)

Goal - CITY

City delighted Brown stayed on. She puts in an outstanding cross and Crilly heads into the bottom left corner

66 mins

Another Hibs cross is cleared. Joelle Murray then shoots from 40 yards, but it is an easy save for Fay.


Sub - CITY

Sarah Crilly now replaces Ruesha Littlejohn

63 mins – CLOSE

Arnot’s corner is dangerous, and Ross plays it towards City’s goal. A scramble ensues but McCulloch clears. Let off for City

63 mins – Glasgow City Sub? No

Sarah Crilly is waiting to come on. Hibs are annoyed that City are wasting time, but she replaces Brown. No she doesn’t. Confusion.

61 mins

Real concern for City as Fiona Brown is down injured in the Hibs half. She’s being helped to her feet. Hopefully this is not serious after coming back from that year long injury. She’s able to walk off the pitch unassisted.

57 mins

Harriso cuts in off the right wing, and has her shot blocked by McCulloch. She’s causing City’s all sort of troubles now she’s playing down the right-wing

54 mins – CLOSE

City has a free-kick. Ross plays it down the left, Brown beats her marker and crosses and Lisa Robertson diverts the cross towards her goal – this time Fife catches.

52 mins – CHANCE

Harrison crosses from the right, but Ewens mistimes her jump and heads over.

52 mins – Glasgow City Booking

Yellow - CITY

Cheryl McCulloch is booked.

52 mins

Hibs break, and Arnot plays Ewens into the box. She cuts inside, but her touch is too heavy and it allows Cheryl McCulloch to tackle

51 mins

Chance for Hibs. Arnot cross is dangerous, but Lauren McMurchie heads clear

49 mins

City has a corner. Ross plays it short to Cuthbert, her cross finds Fleeting – her header is more of a touch and she can’t stab the ball over the line as she lost balance. Littlejohn has her shot blocked, before Cuthbert makes room, but she scuffs her shot well wide

48 mins

Fiona Brown puts in a good cross, but Hibs keeper Fife claims

HALF-TIME SUB – Hibernian

Sub - HIBS

I’m right. Sarah Ewens replaces the booked Clare Williamson. McLauchlan moves to right-back, Harrison on the wing.


It looks like Hibernian maybe making a half-time sub. Sarah Ewens looks like she is warming up.

HALF-TIME Glasgow City 1-0 Hibernian

Glasgow City deservedly lead at half-time through Emma Brownlie’s own-goal, but Hibs have shown they can cause a threat. Should be a cracking second half

45 mins

Fiona Brown delivers a dangerous cross from the left, but it is just over Fleeting’s head.

43 mins

Lizzie Arnot gets down the left and nearly sets up Graham, but her ball is just behind the Hibs’ midfielder

42 mins

A superb run from Smith from her own box to City’s sees her deliver a deflected cross which McCarthy heads clear. Hibs having a decent spell

40 mins

Arnot’s corner is poor, and City try and launch a counter, but Brown runs the ball out on the left.

39 mins – CLOSE!

Hibs have a free-kick, 35 yards from goal. Robertson delivers a good ball, Fay comes and misses, the ball falls to Brownlie who sees her shot blocked wide. Lucy Graham is down injured.

36 mins

A superb cross field ball from Jo Love finds Docherty on the left, but her cross is deflected to the near post where it is easy for Fife to catch.

32 mins

A lovely pass from Brown plays Cuthbert into the box, but under a sliding tackle from Brownlie, she shoots wide. City on top

29 mins

Nearly a second! Great perserverance from first Fleeting and then Brown makes a chance out of nothing, Brown drills the ball across the six-yard box and Littlejohn is centimetres from getting the crucial touch at the far post

28 mins

City’s second corner is punched clear by Fife, and Hibs eventually clear.

28 mins

City has a corner on the left. Ross takes it, and fools Hibs by driving the ball into the box to Brown who sees her shot deflected wide. Good decoy run by Docherty

26 mins

Hibs have several crosses that fail to pick out a player, and eventually Kirsty Smith sees a shot from distance saved by Fay. Hibs’ first shot of the game

25 mins

Erin Cuthbert beats Brownlie to break into the box, but her shot is well saved by Fife at the near post.

23 mins – GOAL GLASGOW CITY 1-0 Hibernian (Emma Brownlie Own Goal)

Goal - CITY

A crossfield ball from Leanne Ross sends Fiona Brown down the left, she beats Williamson and drives a ball across the box towards Fleeting, but the unlucky Emma Brownlie turns the ball into her own net

20 mins

Leanne Ross will take this. She delivers it to the far post where McCarthy heads wide. Needed better contact

19 mins – Hibs Yellow

Yellow - HIBS

Clare Williamson takes out Fiona Brown as she breaks down the wing. Deserved booking.

18 mins

Brown cuts off the left into the Hibs box, but her driven cross is blocked

15 mins

City is in trouble, but Cheryl McCulloch does a tactical foul on Lizzie Arnot. The free-kick is cleared, and City nearly set up a counter through Erin Cuthbert, but her pass to Fiona Brown is intercepted 25 yards from the Hibs goal.

14 mins

Rachel McLauchlan tries to set Harrison free but the Hibs’ striker is offside

11 mins

Nicky Docherty’s cross the from the left isn’t cleared by Hibs and finds Littlejohn on the right. She tees up Ross who tries to find Fleeting at the far post, but overhits her cross over.

10 mins

A Ruesha Littlejohn hand-ball give Hibs a free-kick in a dangerous position on the right. Brownlie whips a dangerous ball in, but Gemma Fay catches it, colliding with Joelle Murray. The Hibs captain is down for a minute, but is able to return.

8 mins

Glasgow City has the game’s first corner. Leanne Ross will take it. Her delivery reaches the edge of the box, Julie Fleeting gets her head to it, but without enough contact to count as a shot. Hibs’ keeper Jenna Fife claims.

7 mins

City has a free-kick just in the Hibs’ half after a clash of heads between Erin Cuthbert and Joelle Murray, nothing comes of it. Very tense opening.

6 mins

Hibs’ Lisa Robertson whips in a dangerous cross, but no Hibs player can get onto it.

4 mins

Ball out of the stadium as Hibs’ Emma Brownlie clears. City can’t work the first throw-in into a chance.

2 mins

Hibs have a free-kick which they launch into the City box, it causes a few problems but Savannah McCarthy clears.


Hibs gets the game underway.


Two Steps From Hell’s ‘Heart of Courage’ plays as the teams come out. Someone clearly has a playlist of epic music.


Dramatic music tells me we are moments away from kick-off.

15:53 – SWPL 1 Scores.

Celtic are 6-0 up against Spartans, Rangers are 3-1 up against Forfar and Aberdeen are beating Stirling 3-1. Minutes left in those ties.

15:45 – Glasgow City Team

Gemma Fay, Lauren McMurchie, Savannah McCarthy, Ruesha Littlejohn, Jo Love, Nicky Docherty, Cheryl McCulloch, Leanne Ross (c), Fiona Brown, Erin Cuthbert, Julie Fleeting. Subs: Clare Shine, Carla Boyce, Sarah Clelland, Sarah Crilly, Brogan Hay, Erin Clachers (GK)

15:45 – Hibernian Team

Jenna Fife, Claire Williamson, Lisa Robertson, Lizzie Arnot, Kirsty Smith, Rachel McLauchlan, Lucy Graham, Joelle Murray (c), Abi Harrison, Heather Richards, Emma Brownlie. Subs: Siobhan Hunter, Caroline Heron, Ewens, Grant, Cornet.


We are at New Douglas Park. This is a key match in the battle of the title race. Welcome to the biggest game in Scottish Women’s Football.

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