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SWPL Streaming Spartans v Glasgow City

Tartan Kicks was not the only organisation covering the Spartans-Glasgow City match last night. The SWPL streamed the match live on YouTube.

We are wondering what your experience of the live-streaming was. It is a great development in the game, with the ability for people across the world able to watch the very best of Scottish Women’s Football.

But how can the SWPL make the experience better? What sort of live video coverage are you wanting the league to provide?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

0 thoughts on “SWPL Streaming Spartans v Glasgow City

  1. A few hick ups in the 1st half but they had things sorted for the 2nd half. No commentary but Tartan Kicks covered that!!! YouTube Live works as a platform and is generally robust…… It’s got to be the way forward to increase the games exposure. NWSL games in the States which also use the YouTube Live platform are getting about 30,000 hits live/replay. I suggest they start slow with one selected Live Sunday game each week and possibly a highlights package covering the full league.

  2. I watched most of the Stream last night. Agree first half stream was very poor but improved second half to quite a good quality. YouTube Live is not new technology but coverage of NWSL and AFBL games are generally reliable and good quality streams. During the first half I tried to watch Mycujoo stream of the Basel women derby and quality was as poor as first half in this game and that is from a more experienced broadcaster. SWF stream was a test and plenty to take away from this and move on to like match clock, on screen scores and match info subs/scorers etc. This was live coverage of a match that I would never have gone to but I would have seen broadcast highlights probably today sometime as one of the clubs involved has a really good and quite professional organisation. Thanks for the stream and hope it develops.

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