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Subscribe to Tartan Kicks!

Yesterday, I created a Patreon page for Tartan Kicks.

To be able to read the Third Issue (releasing 30 April 2016) of the magazine, you will have to subscribe through the Page. This will help me develop the best media organisation that can report on every possible story in Scottish Women’s Football. It will also help me dedicate my time to the project.

It will only cost you £1 a month to get the electronic magazine, but there is a range of rewards you can get for higher subscriptions. Patreon shows US Dollar prices, but it will be converted into Pounds Sterling or whatever your local currency is. You can also cancel your subscription at any point, and the first thing it will go towards will be making the best possible website.

If you want to read the first two issues for free to see the sort of content I produce you can do so here:

Issue 1

Issue 2

Thank you for your support and generosity. I can’t thank you enough, and I hope you continue to enjoy Tartan Kicks.

Tim Oliver

Tartan Kicks’ Editor

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